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i hate my cousin cherry huynh she is very ugly


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Hey i think the futur is special day but i want the special moment to be change. mmm I'm cannot to change my life my family to accept me? My heart want cry but it nothing change. Right Everyday it same , i'm tired to guard to silence anytime, I'm needs to talk but i don't know how to begun, But no bod'y understand... I'm feel so lonely. My dad is go on, My mom is busy cannot protect to me more, My heart want die but he survivre for what!!!! 2007 Already so fast.What i hope too many thing.. Have boy friends is same not have but i 'can't really, i'm so poor, No family inside me? They ignore me?? What i do??? People don't know i'm bad girl i know. i'm just hate myself but to be accept. I'm cannot love anymore i just want to be friends, more good more please. Here is little country But this 2007 come on the lead i'm just want have fun more never to be stop.. lol this one time i have the accident and i think near to die lol but i have new job to first long time but no working more. The people used me? they say's have people to help me for try but nothing have lol i'm very disapointe but i liked to be calme lol.I dont know how am to feel than this day but maybe than thats!!! So i'm go back at sherbrooke Without my computer:s and everything... I,m so miss my computer damm so much it my baby but this year i want have baby please god i'm don't know ican't survivre the long time for have the pleasure to try to be mom, This my big dream when i am child lol I'm liked the childen. When i see the pregant i,m so jealoux no have perfect body so burn inside me??? I can to be the good mother too, it one day i have i'm so enjoy for this baby, i just don't want to lose to time and now what i think finish to shool lol please god get myselt to be strong for help me.... And after i want do the movie lol its my only motivation for shool if i can i'm working so hight just study i'm Never stop and the other time am continu write the potry lol darnkness poetry lol But for moment i'm not happy, i'm try and long time i don't write more... But now since i know the one guy it be my friends he liked to music specially the guitar ,Ilik this it my art lol.. Godness hihi me.... What the fucking my life.. am old looking myself... But all people find me young... but not pretty again snifff, I think only so sexy and my family , have my little cousin wendy she special for me so she dont know but maybe she hate me same alls people.. My cousin cherry like at bitch too lol For me she it cherry huynh Dont never trust she... Very bad I cannot trust she... She have too many secret , the used the family because she say no body like she i have the proove. Just listen she not good people, ugly face and anyway lol So you can see she is my ennemy lol so she it married lol with the special dog to be bitch.. I just angry to be deception.. Its the big bitch looking she face lol ugry smile But my family think the it the good girls they don't know she all secret but one day i want people know she it bad girls. Cuz i shame at my family never accept my boy friends for him am very shamed no good lover cuz my mom is in my life... Why i have this family never understand to me.. Maybe just my grandmother but she never than this.. I don't know she really want to understand me or she think am crazy to believe, Who i can't trust people, but not easy because i never tell to be people when i child the bad people do to rape to me but too many confusion cherry too why whe like do the bitch for she breast lol and looking she ass little peanut lol she liked this haha for the boy friends urgly too lol That really lol i not jealous just i hate the big pig lol she alway to runing but neverto change to body all day i see she so ugly confusion in my eye lolmmm how she fucking she boy friends lol with the big belly lol and the face lol haha i,m so funny great people think am crazy or am badly lol but if people know her people say am reason. She use me want am to be she friends how lol she not in my world lol i 'm liked the pretty lol no the big lol but before i have friends this big but it good never wrong of you... p.s Okay to the futur i can't change my parents but i change myself just guard the smile everything to thing happy and continu my way... cya all friends comme see my spacebut this it strange day ..very lol when i have the change... i'cannot desperate for now it i want my life to shine... I'working to write the new poetry lol my english no to be well sorr'y lol i know but i liked this language.. Well, i want have kid and to be does to model and the good moment, big money lol I not thing lol just money lol i don,t every talking this But now am dificulty to go away lol i'm so poor, my family so rich but if what i want i can't have so i try usualy have good time for big money but i can't wait, No More patient lol but i just find everythere have good people accept to the show. Iknow people say it crazy the dream so I want know the people find the dream it hard to realize.... Maybe have damm much cannot dream cuz family broken the life... But trust me!!! or everything regret to reste to life... But don't forget to smile never to be stop.. come on ... If sometime everything needs i cry see me the better thing it the write to be poetry if working for me!!! Dont be effraid. just started for you life .. To be relax you head, You can cry they feel to better, But no needs to violence... Am so hard to die, maybe i have reason to stay... am to be rest this word just remmember me maybe old guy or wormen never to be change inside but everything have the dream to came true's okay good night kiss all to lip lol iDon,t have the favorite people, dont be jealous... héhéhé But am only like my computer lol it the first give my mother give me the expensive no more. I keep this for my memory cuz my mom.. snifff. She realease me all time and when i talking is too much to same bla...bla... Just only to shout me what i do it not perfect for she... blablabla.. haha I'm so shame she to much... Why lol i dont want walking with the lol same the bird lol oh mummy what you feel cuz am sad for yoou!! Are you happy, My heart it broken anyway but i'm dont lose for you.. What about you... if You know i can't love youself maybe i bad girl ,,, i,m trust you to believed... You never know me what !!!i want why i leave you alway make me to disapointe Alway make to cry, to die... But one day you open you eye and to late am disapear in you life cuz you broken my way... You make so confused the day... i can't love you , I
hate you comportement you eye is much violence.. i wan't stop the war for you but i never miss you i wan't you know cuz u alway should me!!! talking to bad if you continu it not good for you feeling... Good time all. good bye.. kiss danm much xxx