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Love me like you do

When the sun cries and smiles at the same time, it seems to say “Even from so far, I’m listening to your tears…”. Its amazing lights are dying on my lips, as your lips did yesterday. As it went down on me, as it travelled on my body. It should help me cope with the lack of you, lack of all, lack of love. Lack of the warmness that you gave me, the joy you put in my heart, and the whole that made me completely float in a sea of peace. During months, the sky was burning every day, every evening of our love that wouldn't end.
Tonight, the fire is not the same.
It is not a fire of joy anymore, and seems to be switched off by my tears that cannot be stopped.
Tonight, I’ll think of you.
Tonight, I won’t forget.
I won’t forget these magic moments, when your eyes crackled of an unknown firework.
I won’t forget these shivers, these feelings of you, this scent of love and the mood of these times. Most of all, I won’t forget you.
As I told you, your place in my heart has no relation with distance. My heart will stay next to your, if you wanna let it there. Squeeze it against yours, and melt again our feelings.
There’s no better place, to me, than next to your heart.

Love me like you do


Maître Poète
When the heart is found wanting, when this black longing for this one you crave is gripping your soul and leaving your heart sore.
Shield yourself with fond memories of times gone but remember what passed will be again.
Play the part, act as if you were and you will be, be yourself and you shall get what your true heart deserve.
I am moved by you words seeping pain and melancholy but get your ass in gear girl, put yourself together and show the world that a woman has in herself treasures of resilience.

You feel down at this very moment maybe someone will feel you up tomorrow.
Sorry for the bawdy joke I merely wanted to uplift your soul a bit you cutiepie :)